Hello, my name is Bill McRea. I have been playing guitar since 1978 and have played in a couple of bands long-defunct. I am currently a player for the Celebrate Recovery Worship Band in San Antonio, Texas. I grew up playing rock n roll as a rhythm and lead player, mostly the hard stuff. I took two years of guitar lessons in the early 80s while attending West Valley College in Saratoga, Ca. I studied classical guitar but quickly became frustrated and wanted to play rock n'roll.

While in school, I learned to read music and all the theory stuff. Trust me; you need very little of that stuff to play great music; the truth is all you need is heart and determination. In 2000 I opened a small business selling guitars and other musical instruments. The business was called 24 Hour Guitar, but we were also known as the Guitar Warehouse since our company was located in a large warehouse. This allowed us to store a lot of equipment and even have a stage where local bands could perform. We would put on free shows every Friday and Saturday night that attracted a lot of customers to our store. We supplied all the lights and stage and handled the live sound for the bands. This is how I gained so much experience making live sound for gigs throughout Northern California.

In 2005 I was given a fantastic opportunity to become a CFO for a company in Stuttgart, Germany, so I sold my business to my partner and moved to San Diego. Ultimately I was able to start a software company in 2008 and then sell that business, leaving me free to pursue my first passion… the guitar.

Like most guitar players, I own several guitars: 5 electric and one acoustic. I have 2 PRS Custom 24s, Fender Strat, Washburn Idol, Ibanez Prestige, and a Parker Fly. My guitars are even in my will, so they don't get separated and sold off. I plan on adding a 12-string Rickenbacker, a Fender Telecaster, and an Epiphone Casino in the next few years.

That is why I teach the way I do. I want my guitar students to have fun and create a passion in their life. I want them to feel the accomplishment of growth as a player. While my first learning experience was excruciating, I want my students to feel encouraged and excited. Stoking the fire of a lifelong player is my primary goal with my students.

When I was 12 years old in 1974, I discovered the rock music my brother was listening to. Great bands like The Guess Who, The Eagles, and The Wings. That music seemed so much fun, and even though I was a musician in middle and high school bands, playing trombone or trumpet seemed dull compared to a guitar. I saw my first live rock concert in 1978, and that was it. I was going to learn how to play the guitar no matter what.

Learning to play guitar was a struggle. My teachers were all concerned about music theory and finger picking (classical guitar), and I just wanted to rock. It was only later I learned how to play power chords and rhythm guitar, and I started having fun. The idea is to have a “hobby” that brings you personal joy and hopefully entertains those listening.

So if you live in the northern part of San Antonio, Tx, and want to learn guitar as a beginner, please hit the contact link and send me a message. I'll respond, and we can see if something will work out.